Major Infrastructure Developments Transforming Lassan Nawab: New Grid Station and Potential Airport Revival

Lassan Nawab, The picturesque village of Lassan Nawab is undergoing a remarkable transformation, poised for a new era of growth and prosperity. Recent developments in the area, particularly the construction of a new Grid Station and talks of a potential airport revival, have captured the attention of residents and investors alike.

In a significant move, the government has initiated the construction of a state-of-the-art Grid Station, strategically located within walking distance of Nawab Estate. This development promises to bolster connectivity and power supply infrastructure in the region, setting the stage for economic expansion and improved quality of life for residents.

Located approximately 17 km from the main city of Mansehra, District Mansehra, the project site at Sawan Maira is set to become a focal point for progress and prosperity in the region. According to a government report, the new Power Station will feature a 765/500kV Air Insulated Substation (AIS) grid station spanning 158 acres of land in Mansehra. This station will play a pivotal role in receiving power from DHP through a 765 kV transmission line, with provisions for future extensions to meet growing demand.

In addition to the Grid Station, plans are underway for the construction of an employee residential colony to accommodate approximately 100 families, along with the establishment of a Rescue 1122 facility. With on-site construction already in progress, these developments signify a major step forward in enhancing infrastructure and public services in the area.

Adding to the excitement is the speculation surrounding the potential revival of the airport in Lassan Nawab. Reports suggest that the government is actively pursuing land acquisition efforts in Sawan Mera, signaling the possibility of transforming this quaint village into a bustling transportation hub.

“We are witnessing a pivotal moment in the history of Lassan Nawab,” remarked the CEO of Sayed Holdings, which owns Nawab Estate. “The prospect of enhanced infrastructure and the potential revival of the airport represent significant opportunities for our community and the wider region. We are eager to see the positive impact these developments will have on our residents and the local economy.”

As Lassan Nawab prepares to embrace a new chapter of growth and progress, the eyes of investors and stakeholders remain firmly fixed on the horizon, eager to witness the transformation of this charming village into a thriving center of commerce and connectivity.